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An Environmental Friendly Solution – Epoxy! - 09 Sep 2015 02:03


An Environmental Friendly Solution – Epoxy!

Why you should choose epoxy:

Using epoxy is a great choice for a number of reasons. Firstly, it improves the appearance dramatically and increases the reflection of light. It is cost effective and the cleaning of epoxy coated floors is easy. Installation of epoxy flooring does not take long plus many tenants are not aware that this is an environmental friendly building solution. You can contact epoxy flooring contractors for more information.


Where it can be used:

Epoxy is a great solution for schools, companies, labs, hospitals, manufacturers and retail users that want to either repair or replace their concrete floors without damaging the environment. It can be used anywhere but the main places of use include warehouses, food service, showrooms, galleries, manufacturing facilities, aerospace, laboratories, automotive, public facilities, retail and medical buildings and R & D space. Epoxy flooring contractors can guide you more about places where it can be used.

Advantages of the coating:

Many of the formulas meet the LEED requirements for volatile organic compound (VOC) limit. Floors coated with epoxy can be cleaned with the use of an environmental cleaning solution with the help of scrubbers that are detergent free and with the electrically charged water scrubber. With the use of normal cleaning methods, epoxy reduces the costs of maintaining and cleaning of the floors. Epoxy is a complete solid which means that there is no odor or no off-gassing. Epoxy has light reflecting qualities which reflect up to 300% more light. As a result, less lighting and less energy for lighting are required.

By applying epoxy, you can save a concrete floor that has been cracked or stained. This is better than tearing and replacing the floor since it helps in saving energy and material and also does not create landfill issues. Surfaces that are coated with epoxy are safe from deterioration that is caused by chemicals. Last but not the least, epoxy helps in making a workplace brighter and more colorful which helps an organization in demonstrating its core values.

For a person who wants the building to be healthy for the humans and the environment, a great solution is applying epoxy on the concrete floors. However, when you choose epoxy flooring contractors, you should make sure that they know and clearly understand the VOC ratings of the things they use and they should also know the requirements of installing and use of epoxy. - Comments: 0

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